Ne He Thow Giving
Back to Community

The economic anchor of the Ne He Thow Store at Montreal Lake community continues to thrive year after year. Since it’s relaunch and revitalization seven years ago, the general store and gas bar has instilled a community spirit and pride that is a benchmark for all on reserve stores in Western Canada. Gitte Smith the General Manager, her team of managers and staff have taken the initiative from the growth of the stores volume and donated it back to the community.

Our playgrounds and now the skate park are a great asset to the community. We are pleased to continue with our community spirit.

“Without our great staff, the support of our community and the MLBV Board of Directors, our store would not be as successful as it is. We’ve come a long way.”
Gitte Smith

First of its kind in Canada

The on reserve skate park is the first of its kind in Canada. Montreal Lake Cree Nation leads the way with this incredible project that offers the communities youth a great place to play and learn.

Propaganda, a skate store located in Prince Albert, was on site with their team giving demonstrations and encouragement to the children.

In addition, the store gave away free over 100 bikes, helmets and skateboards, through a fundraising effort and donations from suppliers. The entire community will long remember the fantastic day that put a smile on hundreds of kids and their families.

A Dream Come True

From the beginning of her role as general manager of Ne He Thow Store, Gitte Smith’s personal mission was to come up with funding and a space to build a playground for the children of Montreal Lake. In 2018 her dream came true with the creation of the first playground, a memorial to Candy Cassidy, a little girl with a big smile and love for the outdoors. Another playground followed in 2019.

With Ms. Smith’s vision and the support of the Montreal Lake’s board, the Ne He Thow Store has contributed more than $225,000 to the creation of two playgrounds in the Montreal Lake community.

It is one of MLBV’s goals to continue this tradition of investing in the growth and well-being of Montreal Lake through future community youth projects.