Ne He Thow Store Growing
with Community Needs

Ne He Thow Store is a wholly owned entity of Montreal Lake Business Ventures LP. The store was transferred to MLBV from Montreal Lake Cree Nation in April 2013.

Ne He Thow Store implemented rigorous management control processes and substantially decreased costs and increased sales and earnings. In 2015 Ne He Thow underwent a major renovation and expansion of products and services.  

The store is a champion in the community, providing employment for approximately 24 Band members as well as serving as the post office for the Cree Nation. Ne He Thow Store offers grocery and confectionery items, clothes and footwear, the Sweet Tooth Cafe has takeout food and ice cream, and a gas station with diesel and propane gas.

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The mission of Ne He Thow Store is to offer customers good quality products at competitive prices, excellent customer service and provide a rewarding work environment for its employees.


The vision of Ne He Thow Store is to become a business leader in the community and to operate as a profitable business that contributes to the economic development of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation.